Under certain circumstances after a DUI arrest, a person’s vehicle is impounded. Many people do not realize that the vehicle is impounded in the tow yard for 30 days. If the arrested person is the only one on the title to the vehicle, they will not be able to pick it up until the 30 day period has passed.

If there is more than one person listed on the title, the other person may be able to get the vehicle out of the impound lot, as long as they have the title, proof of insurance and proper identification to identify them as a title holder, i.e. driver’s license or valid state ID.

How Often Should I Expect To Meet With My Attorney To Discuss My Case In The First 30 Days?

If you have hired an attorney, you should meet with him or her and discuss your arrest and the circumstances surrounding the arrest. Normally, there will not be any information available from the Prosecuting Agency until after the first court date. After the attorney receives the police report and other discovery, such as the blood test results, etc., then the client may want to meet with the attorney to go over the reports to discuss the accuracy or inaccuracy of the information received from the State.

Should I Voluntarily Start Counseling Before My First Court Date?

Under some circumstances, it may be a good idea to engage in counseling services prior to the first court date. It will just depend on the particular circumstances of your case and, which particular court or judge will be hearing your case. It certainly will not hurt your case to attend counseling.

My Friend/Family Member Was Arrested For DUI. How Do I Find Out Where He / She Has Been Taken?

In order to determine where a person was taken who was arrested for DUI, you will need to know what police agency arrested the family member. You will have to call that particular police department to determine if the family member is being processed and will be released or if the family member will be “booked” into jail. The arresting police agency will be able to tell you if they are going to be transporting the family member to jail and the location.

Should I Call An Attorney Right Away? How Do I Find A Qualified Attorney Right Away?

My advice is to call an attorney as soon as you confirm the family member has been arrested, especially, if you know the family member will be booked into jail. If he/she is booked, that means they will be brought before a judge for an “Arraignment”. The terms of release will be discussed at this time. It is a good idea to have an attorney on board and be able to attend court to argue specific points and attempt to get the family member out of jail on release either “on their own recognizance (no bond) or, if the Judge decides to set a bond, to argue to get the bond set at a minimal amount.

If a family member calls an attorney and the person is released from jail, the family member is able to hire any attorney they want. The family member is not obligated to be represented by an attorney that he/she is not comfortable with.

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