How COVID-19 is Affecting Killham Law Office & Cases in Arizona

No doubt, COVID-19 is affecting the US in unprecedented ways and changing how many businesses will function now and in the future. Many of us are doing the best we can and figuring out how to cope with our situations as time goes on. Killham Law Office is committed to you and your case during this time.

If you have a current case or a recent charge, how might this affect you during COVID-19? In this blog post, we will discuss where you can get information about COVID-19, how Killham Law Office can help you, and what you might be able to expect around your case and charges.

What Should I Know About Canceled and Postponed Cases?

Currently, Arizona is one of many states that has paused jury trials. Many cases have been canceled postponed until further notice. This does not mean people still won’t need service. If your case has been canceled or postponed, please still keep yourself informed of the status of your case to ensure you don’t miss deadlines that could affect your case in the future.

To get more information about how Killham Law Office is working with their clients during COVID-19, contact us today.

Can I Visit Killham Law Office For a Consultation or Will it Be Done By Phone?

I am available to meet potential clients on a limited basis at my office, by appointment. I am also available to discuss cases by phone, video, or at an alternative location.

If I Have a Working Case or Plan to Work With Killham Law Office During COVID-19, How Will We Proceed With My Case?

The courts are working on a limited basis at this time. It depends on which court the client’s case is currently pending. Some courts will only allow attorneys to appear by video or phone at this point in time. Others will allow attorneys and defendants to appear in person, however, there is a limited amount of people allowed in the courtroom.  Most jury trials have been scheduled out to July or later.

If I Have A Case and It’s Canceled or Postponed, What Happens Next?

I have advised all my current clients and new clients that the courts are working on a limited basis at this time and their cases will take longer than usual to conclude.

What is the Process of Handling a Case Like and What Can I Expect?

As discussed above, the courts are scheduling initial (or first) court dates and hearings at the end of June or the first part of July at this point in time. I am working on cases as I normally do, (conducting witness interviews, etc.) The timelines for responding to certain types of cases have not changed, i.e. personal injury statutes, etc. The courts are still issuing warrants for defendants who do not appear for court as directed. My process of handling cases has not changed, the court process will take a little longer with the COVID issues at hand.

Where Can I Find Information About the Justice Courts?

Currently, you can find more information about the justice courts and changes made due to COVID-19 by visiting the Arizona Courts website. You can also follow these updates on Twitter and Facebook. The social media handles for the Arizona Justice courts are @AZCourts on Twitter and Facebook @ArizonaSupremeCourt.

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