Shoplifting Cases in Arizona

Shoplifting is a crime that typically involves the theft of a product from a business. A shoplifting attorney is necessary for such cases.

Shoplifting is considered larceny. It is defined as taking someone’s property without their permission and without the intent of returning the property.

The law for shoplifters varies by state, but those with shoplifting charges will likely get punishment for their crimes without proper representation. The severity of the punishment depends on the value of the merchandise that was stolen from the place of business. If shoplifting involves firearms or explosives, the punishment increases extremely.

Depending on the case of shoplifting, there are varying degrees of punishment. It starts with a low-level infraction, to a misdemeanor, and up to a felony. Infractions result in paying a simple fine, while misdemeanors and felonies result in jail time.

Hiring a shoplifting attorney saves you jail time, money, and your future. Working with Killham Law Office to represent your case is the best course of action.

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