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Assault Attorney in Arizona at Killham Law Office

Assault charges are incredibly serious and damaging to those involved and should be handled with delicacy. Hiring an attorney who specializes in assault could help significantly.

Domestic Violence Attorney in Arizona

If you have been involved in domestic violence, or think you have been involved, don’t be afraid. We can help you get out of your abusive relationship so you can get back to life.

DUI Attorney Near Phoenix Arizona

We believe that our clients should never handle their DUI case alone. Having a DUI attorney present for your case offers you a better chance of being successful with winning your case.

Felony Attorney near me in Phoenix

Felony cases can be serious charges that are not worth going through alone. See why you should hire an attorney for your felony case.

Minor in Possession Attorney

A minor in possession charge is a big issue for your minor’s present and their future. Get the right representation to get them back on track with life.

Misdemeanor Attorney Near me

Misdemeanor charges could carry on for as long as a year. Let us do the hard work for you and assist in winning your case.

personal injury attorney near phoenix

Get help with your personal injury case if you have been injured or in an accident that has caused harm to your physical body.

If you have been involved in shoplifting you could face a simple fine or jail time. Shoplifting is an area of our practice we understand and we know how the prosecutors could react.

traffic tickets attorney near Phoenix

Did you recently receive a traffic citation and know it wasn’t your fault? Hire a traffic tickets attorney to do the heavy lifting for you.

Trucking and CDL Attorney near Phoenix

If you have received a ticket while driving on the job as a trucker or commercial driver, you may need an attorney to represent you.

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It’s not enough to browse the internet for answers on how to plead your case. You need real and professional advice when it comes to such important matters.

Case Evaluation

When you recruit us as your attorney to handle your delicate situation and your case, we’ give you an accurate case evaluation, so you know what to expect.

Laura J. Killham Criminal and Defense Attorney

Laura J. Killham

Attorney and Former Prosecutor

My practical and well-versed knowledge of the legal system and its practices gives me an advantage during my cases. Let me assist you in winning your case successfully.

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