Felony Cases in Arizona

If you are charged with a felony, your case may be more serious than a misdemeanor charge and you may need a felony attorney. Being charged with a felony on the basis of violence, means you could suffer imprisonment for one or more years or you may be sentenced to death, depending on the severities of your actions.

If law officials are suspicious you of someone committing a felony and arrest you, it’s a felony arrest. There could be prominent evidence in a court case to prove you committed a felony, which is called a charge. Those who are proven guilty during their case are convicts.

At Killham Law Offices, we want to keep you from charges, and ultimately a conviction.

If you are a victim of a felony, you need a felony attorney to help you through your case. Don’t take the chance of facing your felony case alone. Trying to navigate your own case could result in jail time, lost money, degradation of your career, loss of family, and many other negative impacts. Having the right felony attorney could drastically improve your chances of a successful case.

Some examples of felonies include assault, shoplifting, and domestic violence. To see a list of other felonies, go here.

At Killham Law Office, we take felony cases very seriously and understand the importance of handling them with delicacy. Learn how Laura Killham’s experience as a prosecutor can help you win your case. She saves you time, money, and effort.

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