Arizona DUI Defense

(DUI, Extreme DUI, Underage DUI, Aggravated DUI)

Hiring an attorney to defend your DUI will assist in preventing or minimizing a suspension of your driver’s license; a reduction in mandatory jail time; negotiating reasonable time frames to pay fines and fees, perform community service and participate in alcohol counseling; negotiating a reduction of time requirement for vehicle ignition interlock device in vehicle and analyzing the facts of the case to determine if there were mistakes in how the case is being prosecuted, negotiate reduced charges, or dismissal of charges altogether when possible.

Whether you are facing a DUI charge in Tempe, AZ, an extreme DUI charge in Arizona, or a charge for Underage DUI or Aggravated DUI in Tempe, Arizona, you have come to the right place. The Tempe DUI Lawyers at Killham Law understand the local drunk driving laws as well as the penalties an offender will have to face when charged with a DUI in Tempe, AZ.

Call (623) 239-0886‬ to speak with a Tempe DUI lawyer. Our Tempe DUI defense lawyer will offer you a Free Initial Consultation to discuss your case. After you decide to choose our firm to defend your drunk driving charge, our Tempe Arizona DUI Attorney will go over all the points of your case in detail with you and will come up with a strong defense strategy.

General DUI Information:

If you are facing a DUI charge in Arizona, call our office for a Free Consultation at (623) 239-0886‬. We provide Free Initial Consultation to clients. At Killham Law, we take pride in handling DUI defense cases as we have the Best DUI lawyer in Tempe, AZ. Attorney Laura J. Killham has many years of experience practicing as a DUI Attorney Tempe, AZ. Call her today to discuss your case.

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