The length of a personal injury claim depends on many factors, including the extent of the injuries, how much treatment is needed, and how long the client is going to be treated by a doctor. There are a lot of factors that come into play as to how long it takes to resolve a claim. If a person is trying to get a quick settlement, insurance companies always want to try and settle cases or their claim very quickly. They want the files off their desk. They want the things resolved, especially if the person has just suffered what is called soft tissue injuries, and doesn’t have any major injuries, such as fractures.

Those soft tissue injuries are pretty subjective and unpredictable. Those types of issues could have some lingering effects, but it could be that it doesn’t take too long for those injuries to heal. If you settle with an insurance company prior to completing treatment, or before being released by a doctor at 100% of what you were before, you have a probability that some of those issues could return, and you may need additional treatment.

If you have already settled your claim, you will not be reimbursed for those injuries or any costs with any kind of future treatment or therapy, or anything else that’s needed. Other times cases settle more quickly, because of the policy limits of the at-fault party. Your injuries may exceed the policy limits of the at-fault person. You would be entitled to those policy limits, and the claim may settle very quickly just based on that fact alone.

Cases and claims that take longer are ones that need prolonged treatment because I want a person to be 100% back to where they were before, or at least as much as they are able to be before they settle any kind of claim.

Things do take time after you are done treating. I have to obtain all the medical records and bills of all the places that a client had been treating. These can take a little time to get, depending on the providers sending you the medical records and the bills. Sometimes that can be a big factor in how long it takes to settle a case. Whenever a demand letter is sent for a settlement, there are insurance companies who are very efficient, and other ones that are not. I try to work as quickly as I can to get a clean result once I’ve sent a demand package for a settlement to the claims adjuster, but there is another factor that is taken into consideration on how long it takes for the recovery.

What Mistakes Do People Make That Generally Hurt Their Personal Injury Claims?

The biggest mistake that people make is they talk to the insurance company, thinking that they are being helpful. They want to give a statement, and they want to tell the insurance company what happened, but those statements can be used against you. That is an unintentional thing that can hurt your claim. If a person is trying to handle a claim himself or herself, they may not know what all the deadlines are for filing certain things, they may fail to comply with all the deadlines or statute of limitations, which could be devastating to any settlement that they could have received.

Can Someone Even Afford An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Such As Yourself?

I don’t make any money unless I get a settlement for my clients. I work on what’s called a contingency fee, which means I take on their case and I don’t get paid unless I receive a settlement on their behalf.

What Sets You And Your Firm Apart In Handling Personal Injury Cases?

What sets my firm apart is I operate with integrity, and I’m an honest attorney. My clients have access to me 24/7. A lot of times one of the biggest complaints I hear from people and clients that have hired or have had other attorneys in their past is they can never get in touch with their attorney. That lack of communication is a wall, and I pride myself on being available to my clients to answer questions all the time. I think it’s very important to establish a rapport with my clients for the trust factor. I tell my clients or potential clients exactly how it is. I don’t beat around the bush. I inform them regarding the strengths and weaknesses of their case

If the client’s case is strong, I tell my client, you’ve got a great case. We should move forward. If you do not have a good case, I tell the clients that as well. Most people appreciate honesty and being upfront. I do actually take cases to trial. I’m not afraid to go to trial. Clients want to be represented and they want the best outcome for themselves, as do I. If we have to go to trial, then that’s what we do.

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