First, do not have any contact with the victim, if it is ordered by the court. It may be that you are not able to go back to “the scene of the crime.” If that happens to be your home and where you live, then, you must abide by the court’s order.

That is why you should call an experienced attorney right away.

A person who is convicted of a DV offense will not be able to purchase a firearm.

How Public Will An Allegation Of Domestic Violence Be?

Court records are public records unless sealed by the court.

Can Domestic Violence Charges Ever Be Expunged?

Arizona does not “expunge” criminal records. A person can have a conviction set aside under 13-907.

The convicted person or, if authorized in writing, the convicted person’s attorney or probation officer may apply to set aside the judgment.

If the judge, justice of the peace or magistrate grants the application, the judge, justice of the peace or magistrate shall set aside the judgment of guilt, dismiss the accusations or information and order that the person be released from all penalties and disabilities resulting from the conviction except those imposed by:

This section does not apply to a person who was convicted of a criminal offense:

  1. Involving a dangerous offense.
  2. For which the person is required or ordered by the court to register pursuant to section 13-3821.
  3. For which there has been a finding of sexual motivation pursuant to section 13-118.
  4. In which the victim is a minor under fifteen years of age.
  5. In violation of section 28-3473, any local ordinance relating to stopping, standing or operation of a vehicle or title 28, chapter 3, except a violation of section 28-693 or any local ordinance relating to the same subject matter as section 28-693.

What Defense Strategies Can Be Used In Domestic Violence Cases?

Defenses to DV charges depend on the specific facts of each case. This is why one needs to contact an experienced attorney who is able to analyze the particular situation that occurred.

Self-Defense is absolutely a defense to a DV related offense if the facts support the accused person was acting in self-defense.

Why Is It Necessary To Hire An Experienced Attorney To Handle My Domestic Violence Case?

You want an attorney who is familiar with domestic violence cases who has prior experience in handling these types of charges.

An experienced attorney is able to analyze a person’s DV charges, determine if the charges are valid, and defend the case for the best possible outcome.

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