Shoplifting is a serious crime in the state of Arizona and those who commit shoplifting crimes can face consequences for these actions if they do not get the help they need.

If you have recently been charged with shoplifting having a shoplifting lawyer could greatly increase your chances of reducing the charges and avoiding convictions. Killham Law Office has decades of experience in the world of prosecution and will be a great asset to your case

Understanding Shoplifting Law

Under the Arizona State Law ARS 13-1805, shoplifting qualifies as the following:

  • Removing good from a display or establishment without intention to pay.
  • Charging goods to a fictitious person without the permission of the establishment.
  • Paying less for an item than advertised by way of altering, removing, or substituting price tags, labels, and marking.
  • Moving goods from one container to another.
  • Concealing merchandise

If you have received a shoplifting charge based on any one of these instances above, it’s important to contact a shoplifting lawyer immediately to consider your next move and future options. To learn more about the shoplifting law, visit the link here.

In some cases, people believe that you can only be charged if the Loss Prevention Officer gets involved. However, sometimes if the Loss Prevention Officer gets involved too early, your lawyers could always make the case that you had intended to pay for the item. Also, Loss Prevention Officers don’t have much authority to detain someone within the store if they feel someone has been shoplifting. These cases will also rely heavily on video evidence to convict you of a shoplifting charge.

Consequences for Shoplifting in Arizona

It’s a good idea to hire a shoplifting lawyer because they can help prevent problems you may face in your future. With a shoplifting charge, you may face long-term consequences that could stay on your record and affect any plans for the future. Some of the consequences include:

  • Difficulties finding a job
  • Hefty fees and fines of up to $150,000
  • Up to 3 years of jail time

Depending on the severity of your charge and if this is a repeat offense, you may face larger consequences overall. To know more about this

Shoplifting Diversion Programs

In some cases, those charged with shoplifting may be eligible for a diversion program if this is the first offense. In order for the charges to be dropped, they will need to go through the following tasks and complete them successfully. To learn more about a diversion program as an option for dropping the charges, contact your shoplifting lawyer at Killham Law Office.

  • Performing community service
  • Attending a life-skills or anti-theft class.
  • Staying out of trouble

Finding a Lawyer

Laura J. Killham is an experienced lawyer with over two decades of experience in the field of law. She has spent a decade in the prosecutorial office which has given her an advantage in the courtroom with numerous cases in Arizona. She is a kind, strong, and helpful person and will be understanding to your needs and your situation.

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