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Who’s the best DUI attorney near me? There are tons of DUI attorneys you can choose from in Arizona, so why not choose one with the most experience, the most drive to help you?

Laura J. Killham is the woman for the job. She has over 20 years of experience in her field and has spent many of those years understanding prosecutors and their thought processes during court.

How do I find a good DUI attorney near me?

That’s easy. Choose the DUI attorney with the most experience and the motivation to help you.

Laura J. Killham will help you if you ‘ve been charged with a DUI by preventing or minimizing a suspension of your driver’s license; reducing mandatory jail time; negotiating reasonable time frames to pay fines and fees; encouraging community service and participating in alcohol counseling; helping reduce the amount of time a vehicle ignition interlock device in the vehicle; helping analyze case facts to determine if there are flaws in the case being prosecuted, negotiate reduced charges, or dismissal of charges altogether when possible.

If you are in Arizona facing a DUI, an extreme DUI, or an Underage DUI or Aggravated DUI, Laura J. Killham can help you. Laura understands the local drunk driving laws and the type of penalties an offender will face when charged with a DUI.

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If you’ve been recently charged with a DUI, extreme DUI, underages DUI and aggravated DUIs contact Laura J. Killham today at (623) 239-0886. Our Tempe DUI defense lawyer will offer you a Free Initial Consultation to discuss your case. After you decide to choose our firm to defend your drunk driving charge, our Tempe Arizona DUI Attorney will go over all the points of your case in detail with you and will come up with a strong defense strategy.

General DUI Information:

We have a variety of resources to help you understand your DUI case. With this information, it is important to contact a DUI attorney to consider your options and get the help you need.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI in Arizona, call us for a Free Consultation at (623) 239-0886. At Killham Law, we want to see you emerge from this difficult time with success.

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