If You’re Partying for Cinco de Mayo in Arizona, Read this First

Cinco de Mayo. One of America’s favorite days to party. Like many of the other holidays in America, St. Patrick’s Day, for instance, have become the days to throw epic drinking parties that leave people hungover for a day or more.

While these parties are indeed fun and as previously mentioned, epic, drinking too many margaritas and cervezas can also attract negative consequences that could cause serious harm.

The Cinco de Mayo Stats

According to Forbes, in 2016 $2.9 million dollars were spent on margaritas during Cinco de Mayo, 947 million liters of Corona Extras are consumed, and 127 million liters of tequila are thrown back.

Not only are we consuming more alcohol on Cinco de Mayo, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that twice as many drunk driving crashes happen on the weekend making Cinco de Mayo a perfect mix of chaos for anyone drinking. In 2016, 78 people were involved in DUI related car crashes and 20% of them had a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level of .15 or higher.

Drink Responsibly

If you do plan to go out for a fiesta at your favorite Mexican Restaurant or American bar, there are a few things you can do to fiesta safely without harming yourself or harming others.

  • Make sure you eat a meal before or during your drinks.
  • Know your limits! Our bodies react to alcohol consumption differently because we all have different builds. Some of us can have one drink and feel no effects of inebriation and others can have multiple feel very inebriated. So, again, no your limits.
  • Get a designated driver (DD) or schedule a cab or Uber ride home after the party.
  • Make sure you are drinking responsibly with people you can trust. If you happen to drink more than you expect, make sure your friend takes possession of your keys so you’re not inclined to drive home.

What To Do If You Get a DUI

Over the past few years, police have arrested over 900 people in the state of Arizona for drinking and driving. In 2017, there were over 150 extreme cases of DUI in which drivers had a .15 or higher in BAC. That being said, 2017 decreased in the amount of DUI traffic incidents by 35%.

If you are a resident of Arizona, have recently celebrated Cinco de Mayo, and are facing consequences for driving under the influence (DUI) you may need a lawyer to help you navigate your case. If you have been a victim of a traffic incident involving a DUI, then you need to contact a lawyer immediately.

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