Quitting Alcohol Consumption During Spring Break & What It Will Cost You

Every year, students around the nation enjoy the adventured and the wild nature of Spring Break. They will indulge in a week long party whether that be back in their hometown, in a tropical destination, or simply at home.

But not everyone is of age when it comes to enjoying spring break and quitting alcohol consumption is not always the first choice. Not everyone is engaging in the legal fun they should be, and many are paying the price for their decisions.

Traffic incidents will spike between the months of February and April because of springs break and many of them will be due to DUI related.

Arizona DUI Stats

In 2018, TSA expected an estimated 65 – 70 million people traveling for Spring Break. And while many venture out for Spring Break hoping for a carefree and innocent experience, many will go home with even worse consequences that could affect their lives and the lives of others.

During off-seasons, someone dies from a DUI related incident every 31 minutes, but during spring break, those numbers go up by 23%. Plus, deaths from traffic incidents are 9.1% higher during spring break than the off-season times.

The National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism also states that 11% of people on spring break vacation drink to the point of blacking out, which not only endangers their own health and life but could potentially endanger the lives of others as well.

The legal limit for alcohol consumption in Arizona is 0.08 percent and police officers will not hesitate to arrest you if you are over the legal limit.

How Quitting Alcohol Consumption Will Save You

Arizona is a prime destination for many young people looking to enjoy their spring break but they don’t have to enjoy that destination at the cost of their future.

Although our biggest piece of advice at Killham Law Office is to appoint a designated driver, call an Uber, or simply not get behind the wheel during spring break, some may choose not make that choice.

If you’ve decided quitting alcohol consumption is not in the cards for you this spring break, we recommend doing the following to keep yourself, your friends, and others safe:

  • Drinking less
  • Eating food when consuming alcohol
  • Calling a cab or Uber if you’ve consumed over the legal limit (0.08% BAC)
  • Appointing a designated driver in your group
  • Being the designated driver and knowing the signs of intoxication

Doing these few things above can save you from one choice that could affect your whole life.

I Got a DUI in Arizona. What Should I Do?

If you are a young person who has been charged with driving under the influence in Arizona, get representation to help you navigate your case.

You will save time, money, and your future with a proper DUI defense attorney.

Killham Law Office has valuable knowledge in the world of prosecution and over 20 years of experience in the field of law. We specialize in helping our clients win their DUI cases so they can turn their mistake into a learning lesson with hopes they will never drive under the influence ever again.

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